From everyone on the USISPF team, we wish and your family the best through these extraordinarily challenging times. Daily life has been upended and will likely remain so for some time, but we want you to know that USISPF team remains available to you via email, phone or video conference.

While we have taken all the necessary precautions by cutting down non-essential travel, working from home and doing our part in flattening the curve through social distancing, we also understand that these are extenuating circumstances for our member companies.

For many business entities and essential services providers, an option to work from home will not be feasible due to the complexities involved in the world of global business deliverables.

Additionally, some of you may also be facing supply chain disruptions, workforce mobility issues due to travel advisories, and other challenges.

We also understand that meeting the March 31, 2020 (financial year-end) deadline in India for tax and accounting compliances maybe challenging for some businesses.

In light of the above, we are preparing an urgent representation to the Government of India apprising them of any critical business challenges that are arising due to the current situation.  We will take your concerns (both national and state-level) to the relevant ministries, state governments, and departments. 

Please send your responses in below format to [email protected].  

  • Company Name
  • State and City
  • Executive In-charge
  • Mission Critical Task
  • Delivery Location
  • Number of employees
  • Precautions taken by the Company

There is no precedent for the challenge we have at hand, however our aim is to provide our members and government stakeholders with business continuity in the safest and best possible manner.

Stay safe and healthy!


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