US-India Strategic Partnership Forum Statement Following the Conclusion of the Quad Security Dialogue

March 13, 2021

Following the conclusion of the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue featuring heads of states from India, US, Australia, and Japan, USISPF issued the below statement:

The first leaders’ summit of the Quadrilateral Framework has witnessed unprecedented levels of cooperation to address some of the most pressing challenges that the global economy faces today. We welcome the leaders’ commitment to double down on expanding vaccine supply to put an end to the pandemic. It is one of the many tangible steps that the four countries will take to maintain a thriving and resilient Indo-Pacific region. To that end, the formation of a critical technologies working group to drive innovation in the region, along with leadership to prioritize climate security, infrastructure investment, counterterrorism, and maritime security are necessary and timely actions.

We believe that a strong US-India bilateral partnership, with commercial and strategic alignment will be key to ensuring the durability of the Quad framework, and fulfilling efforts to make economic recovery a reality.


Sukanya Sen