USISPF’s CEO Water Alliance aims to provide strategic insight on the emerging challenges that industry is facing due to water scarcity in India. Driven by industrial stakeholders that depend on water, CEWA will bring together responsible business leaders to establish the alliance to magnify the impact of water saving in India by sharing best practices and technology, to set tangible corporate water-savings goals, to help shape policy, share best practices and to generate greater awareness on water management.

As you know, water scarcity is a reality now impacting countries across the globe, and the situation is particularly acute in India, where some estimates predict that India will be a water scarce nation by 2025. We believe there is a corporate imperative to conserve water not just for business continuity, but also for the community around us. The CEO Water Alliance is the first of its kind that is driven by industrial participation. CEWA founding members and alliance members will meet regularly to discuss ideas and highlight policy challenges. The members will engage with stakeholders at the government and private level to promote practices that preserve water and help the community at large.




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