The US-India Strategic Partnership Forum (USISPF) is committed to creating the most powerful strategic partnership between the U.S. and India. Promoting bilateral trade is an important part of our work, but our mission reaches far beyond this. It is about business and government coming together in new ways to create meaningful opportunities that have the power to change the lives of citizens. We are entering a new era based on a strategic partnership between the U.S. and India – one where we will work closely together with business and government leaders to achieve our goals of driving economic growth, job creation, innovation, inclusion, and entrepreneurship. 



USISPF engages with member companies through its 12 sector-specific committees focused on policy advocacy to further economic growth and commercial partnership between the U.S. and India.


USISPF engages with the governments, business and other stakeholders in the U.S. and India, on areas that address challenges and create opportunities for its member companies. Through theme-based research and knowledge sharing, the forum aims to chart the next chapter of collaboration between both the countries


USISPF aims to provide its member companies a platform to track opportunities at the state and federal level, explore new avenues for investment, and deepen engagement with relevant stakeholders. The forum will also provide government and business introductions where appropriate.


USISPF aims to promote the interests of both countries by engaging with Democrats and Republicans in the House and Senate in the U.S. and with Parliamentarians in India. USISPF believes that shared democratic values lie at the heart of the growing U.S.-India strategic partnership, and will lead through dynamic exchanges on the legislative side.


USISPF focuses on inclusive growth by combining corporate initiatives and government priorities. The forum leads strategic development in both India and the U.S. by aggregating corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives, assisting in public-private partnership (PPP) projects, facilitating education-related exchanges, and building stronger cultural ties.


USISPF believes that innovation will fuel job creation in both economies. By working toward a robust IP framework supported by a strong entrepreneurial spirit, USISPF enables investments, technology transfer, and sustainable innovation. It provides institutional support for start-ups through incubators, investor outreach platforms, and mentorship infrastructure. 

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