Trade Taskforce

Trade Taskforce

About the Taskforce

The Forum’s Trade Taskforce is focused on proactively identifying strategies to strengthen the bilateral trading relationship. As such, the Taskforce focuses on policy issues that impact industry invested in India and exporting to India. In addition to bilateral issues, the Taskforce looks at India’s trade policy in the region and actions at WTO as it relates to U.S. industry issues.
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How it Functions

The Trade Taskforce is comprised of Forum members with deep expertise in U.S. trade policy. Most Taskforce participants are trade attorneys, former officials at USTR and the U.S. International Trade Administration, and represent their companies on global trade policy issues in Washington, D.C. The Trade Taskforce is multi-sectoral with 11 different industry sectors represented.

Policy positions derived by the Taskforce are based on member input and represent the consensus views of the membership.
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