Artificial Intelligence its role in Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and its
Role in Healthcare

The Foundation is partnering with the Indo US Science and Technology Forum (IUSTF) that launched this program between the US & India. This Initiative provides a unique opportunity for the US and India to strengthen their strategic partnership by focusing on AI cooperation in critical areas that are priorities for both countries. USI-AI will serve as a platform for key stakeholders to discuss opportunities and barriers for bilateral AI R&D collaboration, share ideas for developing an AI workforce, and recommend modes and mechanisms for catalyzing partnerships between the two countries. This series of 8 roundtables on “Trustworthy AI and its application in Healthcare” will cover four thematic areas 1. Pandemic Preparedness/ Pathogen Surveillance, 2. Genomics & Drug Discovery, 3. Wearables/ MHealth/ IoT (Including Imaging) and 4. Data. Recommendations will be derived from these discussions and will lead to further actions at policy level and streamlining US India collaboration. USIN is supporting this project by bringing industry perspective on this topic.

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