Trade: The final frontier in India-US ties

Trade: The final frontier in India-US ties

Katherine Tai

By Akshobh Giridharadas

Katherine Tai will meet Minister of Commerce and Industry, Piyush Goyal as they hold discussions for two days and deliberate on mutual cooperation on enhancing trade and economic ties

Washington and New Delhi’s relations have moved from a period of estrangement in the post-independence and pre-liberalisation era to one of engagement. Today, the strategic partnership rests on three strong pillars, with convergence on defence and security as demonstrated with the inaugural Quad summit in Washington and a new West Asian Quad that has come to fruition. The second pillar touches on shared democratic values as evinced with the words, “We The People”, enshrined in both constitutions and the catchphrase of the world’s oldest and largest democracy, every time a bilateral takes place between the respective leaders. Last, but not least, the strength and ubiquitousness of the diaspora, with the fait accompli of an Indian origin Spelling Bee champion and presence of Indian diaspora at the highest echelons of Silicon Valley.

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