US investors bullish on India, Washington-Delhi ties mature says USISPF Chief Aghi

US Investors Bullish on India, Washington-Delhi Ties Mature says USISPF Chief Aghi | WION

Mukesh Aghi, President & CEO of the US-India Strategic Partnership Forum (USISPF), has underscored the flourishing ties between the United States and India, shedding light on “bullish” sentiments of US investors on India. Speaking to our diplomatic correspondent Sidhant Sibal, Aghi stated, ” relationship has gone in a very positive direction, in a win-win fashion for both countries. you have to understand that the relationship is deep, much broader, and much more strategic between India and the United States”.

Highlighting the changing dynamics of global supply chains, Aghi noted, “US companies are looking at de-risking supply chain from China and India becomes a primary source from their perspective.” Highlighting the significant participation of US companies in Vibrant Gujarat in January, Aghi projected a continued growth in investments, highlighting, “You have US companies creating almost three and a half million jobs in India which are High Tech, High End paying jobs.”

He also spoke on President Biden not being able to attend India’s Republic Day, the Nikhil Gupta case etc.

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