John C. Rood served as the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy.  He assumed this position on January 9, 2018.  In this role he served as the principal advisor to the Secretary of Defense for defense policy and leads the formulation and coordination of national security policy within the Department of Defense.  He oversaw the integration of defense polices and plans to achieve desired objectives.  He was responsible for efforts to build partnerships and defense cooperation with U.S. friends and allies.

He brings more than three decades of public and private sector experience to this position, including over 20 years of service in the U.S. Government at the Department of State, Department of Defense, National Security Council, Central Intelligence Agency, and as a Staff Member in the U.S. Senate.  At the Department of State, he served as Acting Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security, and as Assistant Secretary of State for International Security and Nonproliferation.  He served in the Department of Defense as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Forces Policy.  He served twice at the National Security Council where he was a Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for Counter proliferation, as well as the Director of Proliferation Strategy, Counterproliferation, and Homeland Defense.  At the Central Intelligence Agency, he served as an analyst following missile programs in foreign countries.  In addition, He worked as a Senior Policy Advisor to U.S. Senator Jon Kyl of Arizona.

In the private sector, He was Senior Vice President of Lockheed Martin International where he led efforts to grow the corporation’s international business.  He also served as Vice President for Corporate Domestic Business Development at Lockheed Martin.  Prior to joining Lockheed Martin, he was a Vice President at the Raytheon Company.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Arizona State University.